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Triax connectors SRT-75

Triax connectors SRT-75
Type of mating:   bayonet
Number of contacts:   for triax cable
Mounting style:   point-to-point, crimping
Contact plating:   gold
Number of nominal types:   5

Type of connector: RF triax non-hermetic connectors for use in frequency range 0.5 1.5 MHz in multiplex line of logical interface, in accordance with GOST R 52.070-2003 standard.

The connectors may be cable plug and equipment or equipment-cable receptacle.

Coupling: bayonet (8 versions of polarization), cut-in.

Contacts plating: gold-plated, for soldering. The shell is nickel-plated. Shield termination: by soldering (cut-in mating), by crimping it between tip and grommet (bayonet coupling).

Climatic performance: Connectors are designed for internal mounting in all-climate performance according to GOST R V 20.39.414-1 standard.





-425 (426, 427, 428, 429)


1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

Type of connector

Wave resistance

Design ordinal number:

Bayonet coupling:

425 - cable plug;

426 - cable receptacle;

427 - equipment receptacle

Cut-in coupling:

428 - cable plug;

429 - cable receptacle

Insulation material of connector: F fluoroplastic

Numbers denoting polarization versions for connectors of bayonet coupling. For connectors with normal (in through 120) position of grooves axis (for plugs) and extensions (for receptacles) this number is omitted.


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