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Connecting receptacles RS AGO.364.003 TU

Connecting receptacles RS AGO.364.003 TU
Type of mating:   receptacles for ICs
Number of contacts:   24, 28, 40
Mounting style:   for PCB mounting
Contact plating:   tin-bismuth
Operating temperatures range:   - 60 to +100C
Operating current per each con:   up to 0.5 A
Max operating voltage:   100 V
Number of nominal types:   3
Number of mating-unmating:   200
Shelf life, years:   6

Type of connector: connecting receptacle RS are used for installation and connecting integral circuits (IC) in shells of type 2 according to GOST 17467 standard into electronic equipment for industrial purposes.

The connectors consist of receptacles for PCB mounting.

Design: receptacles in shells of type 2 according to GOST 17467 standard.

Contacts plating: Sn-Bi-plated, distance between contact lines 2,5 mm.

Climatic performance: Receptacles are designed for internal mounting in climatic performance UHL 2.1 according to GOST 15150 standard.




-24 (28; 40)




Type of connector

Number of contacts

Version number of receptacle performance

Contacts plating: tin-bismuth


How to order:

Receptacle RS24-7BN AGO.364.003 TU


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