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Connectors SNP336 (single), SNP337 (double) TsSNK 434427.001 TU

Connectors SNP336 (single), SNP337 (double) TsSNK 434427.001 TU
Type of mating:   cut-in
Types of backshells:   straight
Number of contacts:   26, 38, 45, 57, 67
Mounting style:   point-to-point, soldering
Contact plating:   gold, silver
Operating temperatures range:   - 60 to +155C(gold) and to +100C (silver)
Operating current per each con:   1.0 7.0 A
Max operating voltage:   60 - 1000 V
Number of nominal types:   20
Number of mating-unmating:   500
Shelf life, years:   20

Type of connector: small-size rectangular low-frequency connectors for point-to-point wiring of SNP336 (single) and SNP337 (double) types for use in AC, DC current (frequency up to 3 MHz) and pulse current circuits.

SNP336 and SNP337 connectors may be equipment plugs and receptacles .

Design: equipment plugs and receptacles with straight backshell, with holes for backshell, or without backshell.

Type of coupling: cut-in.

Intermateability: connectors SNP336, SNP337 TsSNK.434427.001 TU are interchangeable and intermateable with low-frequency connectors RPKM1-4 AVO.364.040 TU.

Contacts plating: Contacts for point-to-point wiring, gold- or silver-plated, dia. 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm.

Climatic performance: Connectors are designed for internal mounting in all-climate performance (V) according to Russian national standard GOST RV 20.39.414.1.










Connector type

Design ordinal number:

336 single;

337 - double

Number of contacts:

SNP336 26, 38, 45, 57, 67

SNP337 26/26, 38/38, 45/45, 57/57, 67/67, 26/38, 26/45, 26/57, 26/67, 38/45, 38/57, 38/67, 45/57, 45/67, 57/67, C/57

Contact type: V pin, R socket

Mounting style: P Soldering

1 Tail for point-to-point wiring

Plating of contact: 1 Gold, 2 - Silver

Backshell type: 1 non-shielded straight backshell, 7 connector shell with holes for backshell

This designation is omitted for connector without backshell and holes


1. Number of contacts for SNP336: silver-plated 26, 38, 45, 57, 67, gold-plated 45, 57, 67.

2. Connectors of SNP337 type are manufactured with all combinations of numbers of contacts that are included into single connectors, with appropriate contact plating.

3. For single plugs (receptacles): number of contacts is designated by an integer, for double connectors by fraction (numerator is number of contacts in the upper layout (BEPX= top on shell), denominator is number of contacts in the lower layout).

4. In case of absence of one of layouts in a double connector, the letter C is used instead of the4 absent layout (a customer can insert any other connector (that had undergone official government testing) with any type of mounting, not requiring modification of the shell). At that, the total unmating force of installed connectors shall not exceed 196 N (20 kgf).

How to order (example):

Plug SNP336-57VP11 TsSNK.434427.001 TU

Receptacle SNP337-45/57RP121 TsSNK.434427.001 TU


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