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Connectors SNTs1 TsSNK 430421.001 TU

Connectors SNTs1  TsSNK 430421.001 TU
Type of mating:   Bayonet
Types of backshells:   straight, angular, heat-shrink sleeving, backnut
Number of contacts:   3, 4, 7, 10, 19, 24, 28, 32, 41, 43, 45, 55, 61
Mounting style:   point-to-point, crimping
Contact plating:   nickel
Operating temperatures range:   - 60 to +100C
Operating current per each con:   3.0 5.0 A
Max operating voltage:   400 V
Number of nominal types:   18
Number of mating-unmating:   100
Shelf life, years:   15

Type of connector: circular multi-positional connectors of SNTs1 type, destined for operation in electric circuits of direct, alternate (frequency up to 3 MHz) and pulse currents at voltage up to 400 V (amplitude value) and current 5 A; manufactured for industrial application.

SNTs1 connectors consist of equipment and cable plugs and receptacles, adapters and left-hand receptacles.

Design: Plugs and receptacles are manufactured without backshells, with straight backshell, with angular backshell, or with backshell for heatshrink sleeving.

Type of coupling: bayonet.

Intermateability: plugs (receptacles) are intermateable with connectors SNTs23 (GEO.364.241TU), cable receptacles are intermateable with adapters ONTs-BG-3 (bRO.364.063TU), adapters are intermateable with receptacles SNTs23, SNTs23L (GEO.364.241TU).

Contacts plating: Contacts are nickel-plated, dia. 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, to be crimped.

Climatic performance: Receptacles are manufactured for internal mounting in climate performance UHL 2.1 according to Russian national standard GOST 15150.














Connector type

Design ordinal number:

Number of contacts:

3 (4,7,10,19,24,28,32,41,43,45,55,61)

Shell size:

14 (18,22,24,27,30,33,36,39)

Type of contact:

V male; R female; P contact af adapter

Mounting style: 0 crimping, 1 circular tail

Plating of active area of contacts: nickel

Insulator position: a, b, v, g versions of angular position of polarizing keys and keyways on shells (at normal position of insulator the letter index (a, b, v, g) is omitted

, , , ( )

B equipment part

Left-hand receptacle for adapters

Example of ordering:

Connector SNTs1-4/14V0141 a TsSNK 430421 001 TU in bulk

Connector SNTs1-4/14R0143 b-B TsSNK 430421 001 TU in bulk

Connector SNTs1-4/14P014 a TsSNK 430421 001 TU


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