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Connectors SNP339 TsSNK.430421.004 TU

Connectors SNP339  TsSNK.430421.004 TU
Type of mating:   Cut-in with screw fixation
Types of backshells:   straight, non-shielded
Number of contacts:   21, 42, 50, 52, 54, 76
Mounting style:   point-to-point, soldering
Contact plating:   gold
Operating temperatures range:   - 60 to +85C
Operating current per each con:   up to 1.0 A
Max operating voltage:   100 V
Number of nominal types:   6
Number of mating-unmating:   500
Shelf life, years:   25

Type of connector: miniature small-sized rectangular low-frequency connectors for high-density point-to-point wiring of flat cables and mounting wires for use in DC, AC current (frequency up to 3 MHz) and pulse current circuits at voltage up to 100 V and curent per contact up to 1 A.

SNP339 connectors consist of plugs and receptacles .

Design: cable plugs and receptacles can be installed on equipment panel, printed circuit board or on cable by soldering connections. Plugs and receptacles are made with straight backshell (the backshell is fixed by type 1 or type 8). Screw fixing of the mated position and the coding element are foreseen in the connector. Mating of a plug with a backshell fixed by type 1 is made after appropriate mutual orientation with the receptacle, with force directed along the connector axis to full stopping, with observing requirements for absence of plug misalignment in relation to receptacle, with further srewing spring-loaded screws located on the backshell. Mating of the plug with a backshell fixed by type 8 is made after appropriate mutual orientation with the receptacle by means of two screws integrated into the backshell. Alternate screwing (when mating the connector) and unscrewing (when unmating the connector) of the screws (alternately by two turns) excludes opportunity of plug misalignment in relation to receptacle and breaking of insulator.

Intermateability: plugs and receptacles SNP339 of one layout and one orientation are interchangeable, and also interchangeable and intermateable with plugs and receptacles of ONP-ZhI-8 (NShO.364.021TU) (with the same number denotign orientation).

Contacts plating: Contacts for point-to-point wiring, gold-plated.

Climatic performance: Connectors are designed for internal mounting in all-climate performance (V) according to Russian national standard GOST RV 20.39.414.1.





-21(42,50, 52,54,76)





1 (8)

-1 (2,3,4,5,6, 7,8,9,10,11,12)

a (b)

Connector type

Design ordinal number: 339

Number of contacts

Contact type

V pin (plug), R socket (receptacle)

Mounting style: soldering (P)

Tail: for point-to-point mounting (1)

Plating of active area: gold

Backshell type and fixing on shell*: 1 non-shielded straight backshell (for plugs)

8 non-shielded straight backshells, with design providing for screw mating (for plugs)

This designation is omitted for connector without backshell (for receptacles)

Code defininmg position of orientation element (no code for connectors without orientation key)

Mounting style for equipment part (receptacle): a from inner side of equipment wall, b from outer side of equipment wall

NOTES Mated parts of connectors shall have the same numeral designation denoting position of orientation element.

* - Backshell (1, 8) attachment style is specified when ordering.

How to order:

Plug SNP339-21VP111-2 TsSNK.430421.004 TU

Receptacle SNP339-42RP11-1a TsSNK.430421.004 TU

Receptacle SNP339-21RP11-2b TsSNK.430421.004 TU

Plug SNP339-21VP118-2 TsSNK.430421.004 TU.


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