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Electric connectors of SNTs 23 type: cylindrical, multi-positional

Electric connectors of SNTs 23 type: cylindrical, multi-positional
Type of mating:   bayonet
Types of backshells:   straight, angular, heat-shrink sleeving, backnut
Number of contacts:   3, 4, 7, 10, 19, 24, 28, 32, 41, 43, 45, 55, 61
Mounting style:   point-to-point, crimping
Contact plating:   gold, silver
Operating temperatures range:   -60 to +155 (gold) and to +100 (silver)
Operating current per each con:   3.6 15.0 A
Max operating voltage:   400 - 700 V
Number of nominal types:   18
Number of mating-unmating:   500
Shelf life, years:   15

Type of connector: circular multi-positional connectors with local protection of contacts, of SNTs23 type, of internal mounting, destined for operation in electric circuits of direct, alternate (frequency up to 3 MHz) and pulse currents at voltage up to 700 V (amplitude value).

SNTs23 connectors consist of equipment and cable parts.

Design: plugs and receptacles may be both equipment and cable parts. Plugs and receptacles are manufactured without backshells, with straight backshell, with angular backshell, or with backshell for heatshrink sleeving.

Type of coupling: bayonet.

Intermateability: cable receptacles SNTs23 are intermateable with equipment plugs, adapters ONTs-BG-3 (bRO.364.063TU), with plugs ONts-BG-1 (GEO.364.241 TU) and plugs SNTs132 (TsSNK.430421.005TU) of bayonet coupling.

Contacts plating: Contacts are gold-plated, dia. 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm (GEO.364.241 TU) and silver-plated, dia. 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm (GEO.364.241 TU1), to be crimped.

Climatic performance: Connectors are manufactured in all-climate performance (V) according to Russian national standard GOST V 20.39.404-81.











Connector type

Design ordinal number:

Number of contacts:

3 (4,7,10,19,24,28,32,41,43,45,55,61)

Plug (receptacle) size:

14 (18,22,24,27,30,33,36,39)

Connector part: V Plug (R Receptacle)

Design performance:

1- Equipment part without backshell; 2- Equipment part with straight backshell;

4- Equipment part with angular backshell; 6- Cable part with straight backshell;

8- Cable part with angular backshell; 11- Cable part without backshell;

12- Equipment part with backshell for heatshrink sleeving;

13- Cable part with backshell for heatshrink sleeving.

Insulator position:

a, b, v, g versions of angular position of polarizing keys and keyways on shells (at normal position of insulator the letter index (a, b, v, g) is omitted

All-climatic performance

Note: For SNTs23 connectors made per GEO.364.241TU1 (with silver-plated contacts) 1 is added at the end of the part number.

Example of ordering:

Plug SNTs23-4/14V-2-b-V GEO.364.241 TU in bulk

Receptacle SNTs23-4/14R-12-b-V GEO.364.241 TU in bulk

Plug SNTs23-4/14V-2-b-V1 GEO.364.241 TU1 in bulk

Receptacle SNTs23-4/14R-12-b-V1 GEO.364.241 TU1 in bulk


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