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  Electric Connectors:  
     LF Electric Connectors 
     RF Connectors 
     Connecting Receptacles for ICs 
     for Automotive Vehicle
     and Tractors
     New Developments 
Electric Connectors

RF connectors SR-50 GEO.364.235 TU 
Coax RF connectors of cut-in mating

Rectangular connectors SNP345, SKP345 
LF and combined rectangular electric connectors

Circular connectors SNTs144 
Circular LF electric connectors, small-size multi-position for point-to-point wiring

Connectors SNTs147 
Circular LF electric connectors, small-size for point-to-point wiring, hermetic and non-hermetic

Connectors RPS1-M TsSNK.430421.010.TU 
Rectangular subminiature LF electric connectors

Connectors SNTs134, SNTs135 TsSNK.430421.003 TU for ABS systems 
Electric connectors for electric circuits with voltage 12V and 24V for ABS of brakes for road vehicles

7-contact disengaging connectors of 12N, 12S types 
7-contact disengaging connectors for towing road vehicles, of 12N, 12S types GOST 9200-76 TU, GOST 3940-84 TU

Receptacles PS-400 TsSNK.434531.001 TU 
2-contact receptacle for portable lamp

Connecting devices PVS, PRS (PRM) TsSNK.434424.007.TU 
Connecting devices for generation autonomous supply network 220V in a road vehicle
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