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Info about plant

Urals Plant for Electric Connectors Joint Stock Company (ISET Plant JSC) is a specialized Russian enterprise developing and manufacturing electric connectors. It was founded in 1970.

Major products of the plant are electric connectors: circular, rectangular of thread, bayonet and cut-in mating, those are successfully applied in rail-way transportation, machine-building, medicine, both in Russia and abroad.

The plant in conjunction with customers in order to enhance the existing and to create new products has developed a number of new electric connectors whose characteristics.

  • SNP345; SKP345 rectangular connectors of high density, contain up to 800 contacts (analogue to Arinc600 connectors);
  • SNTs144 circular connectors of high density, contain up to 128 contacts, with quick-release screw mating and self-locking mechanism (analogue to MIL-C-38999 connectors);
  • SKP343; SNP344 rectangular connectors with contacts for different frequencies, intermateable and interchangeable with analogous connectors RPKM1-RPKM4.

The plant develops new kinds of electric connectors with new functional possibilities to use the series SNTs23, SNTs129 with conductive plating of the shell and resistance to electromagnetic interferences, with threaded and bayonet mating; a RF coaxial connector for multiplex line of data exchange is being developed under GOST 26765.52-87 standard.

Maintaining its major production line the plant manufactures in stable regime the following consumer goods: eight types of locks, over 20 types of window and door handles with various coating, window accessories, heating appliances, 12 types of panel doors made of wood according to the customers dimensions.

Also the plant constantly provides new and widened nomenclature of consumer goods:

  • Mortise lock ZV4-3 with a sector collar beam designed for use in inner doors of offices or apartments;
  • Rim cylinder lock ZN1-3-3 with additional device of hoop guard type. This type of lock combines two functions, these are comfort of use and reliable protection;
  • Padlock with enlarged handle of two kinds;
  • Window and door handles with superimposed plates of 3 kinds.


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